A grand wreath brought in on a crane; DMK candidate Nutana campaigning in a bullock cart

Condemning the central government's failure to control petrol and diesel prices, the kanchipuram DMK candidate engaged in vigorous campaigning in a bullock cart and sought the public's support.

In kanchipuram, the DMK candidate came on a bullock cart and campaigned

The lok sabha elections will be held in tamil Nadu on the 19th. With few days left for the campaign, candidates from major parties are actively campaigning. In that way today DMK candidate K. Selvam from kanchipuram Parliamentary Constituency campaigned for votes in more than 30 rural areas.

DMK candidate Selvam of the Melottivakkam area under the kanchipuram parliamentary constituency condemned the increase in petrol and diesel prices by the central government and went from house to house in bullock carts asking the public to vote for the Udayasuriyan symbol and make him win. And if he wins, he promised to reduce the price of petrol and diesel and engaged in intensive vote gathering.

On the arrival of the DMK candidate, the DMK gave a warm welcome to candidate Selvam and assembly member Ehilarasan by garlanding 3 tonnes of roses by JCP machine. More than 100 youths and party workers marched on two-wheelers with flags of the DMK and its allies and sought votes for the Udayasuriyan symbol.

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