Impact of Thakurs' displeasure in Western UP? 

The path is becoming difficult for the bharatiya janata party in Western UP. On one hand, the party is facing the displeasure of the Thakurs, while now two big leaders have come face to face. BJP's firebrand leader Sangeet Som has launched a big counterattack on muzaffarnagar MP sanjeev Baliyan.

He said that I do politics of development. Does not support goons. I do not do casteist politics. They will raise goons. They will not go among the people for 10 years. Will abuse people. They will commit hooliganism with people. Will talk about seeing everyone after 19. Som said that sanjeev Baliyan was not at the level to talk to me. I campaign for the bjp, not sanjeev Baliyan. cm Yogi had reached Sardhana to hold a public meeting. During that time Som spoke to the media. Thakur Chaubisi is said to be angry with sanjeev Baliyan of Sardhana.

Sanjeev Baliyan could not speak for five minutes

On the other hand, to control the damage of this resentment, chief minister Yogi Adityanath reached Sardhana. cm Yogi reached Rardhana village of Sardhana to address the public meeting. Sardhana comes to muzaffarnagar Lok Sabha. muzaffarnagar candidate sanjeev Baliyan, minister Sunil Bharala, minister Kapil Dev Aggarwal, former Sardhana mla Sangeet Som, and many other leaders were present on the stage in the public meeting. It is being claimed that the Thakur community is angry over Sangeet Som not getting the ticket in the lok sabha elections. Slogans of Sangeet Som Zindabad were raised a lot in the meeting.

Muzaffarnagar candidate sanjeev Balyan, who came to speak on the stage, faced strong opposition. The villagers who came to the meeting protested. Protested by raising hands while sanjeev Baliyan was speaking. sanjeev Baliyan did not speak even for just 5 minutes.

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