Maneka Gandhi's taunt on sonia Gandhi's son-in-law..?

Bharatiya Janata party leader and candidate from Sultanpur lok sabha constituency maneka gandhi has reacted to the claim of Robert Vadra, husband of congress General Secretary priyanka gandhi Vadra. Maneka taunts Robert that the country has moved ahead of sons-in-law. He said that Robert Vadra has no experience of politics.

While talking to the hindi TV channel india TV, maneka gandhi said that it depends on her whether she says anything. The Sultanpur mp said that he would not be a good candidate from Amethi. He has no experience in politics. The country has moved beyond this.

What did Vadra say?

Earlier, in response to the question of contesting elections from Amethi, Robert Vadra had said that there is a political call not only from Amethi but from the entire country that I should come into active politics. The issue is being raised more about Amethi because I campaigned among the people there since 1999 and posters also started being put up there. Now posters are being put up at other places also because everyone is feeling that you should come from our side, come from our area because we have seen your hard work. You are members of the gandhi family, they have seen how much the gandhi family has done for this country, has been doing and will continue to do. He felt that if I contested Amethi in this election, then the mistakes he had committed there would be repaid.

Vadra said that it was a mistake to make smriti irani an MP. With that, he will move ahead and make me win with an overwhelming majority. But, I will not fight to challenge anyone. However, smriti irani misused my name in parliament and made baseless allegations. She is a woman, and I respect her but if anyone makes such allegations then it is very important to prove.

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