BJP canceled tickets, made former PM's son a candidate…

In Uttar Pradesh, bjp has once again canceled the tickets of many big faces. The party has announced the names of six candidates in the state. This time again the party has canceled the tickets of two sitting MPs. But the most discussed is about Ballia and allahabad seats. The sitting MPs have not got tickets again on both these seats.

BJP has not given a ticket to Virendra Singh Mast in Ballia this time. This time the party has made Neeraj Shekhar, son of former prime minister Chandrashekhar, its candidate. Whereas from allahabad seat also the party has canceled the ticket of sitting mp rita Bahuguna Joshi. In his place, the party has made Neeraj Tripathi its face. In this list, bjp has announced the names of its candidates from Mainpuri, Kaushambi, Phulpur, allahabad, Ballia, Machlishahr, and Ghazipur seats. bjp has made Neeraj Tripathi its candidate in allahabad and Neeraj Shekhar in Ballia.

Candidates fielded on these seats

On the other hand, the party has made yogi government's Tourism minister Jaiveer Singh its candidate from Mainpuri seat, Vinod Sonkar, the current mp from Kaushambi, praveen Patel from Phulpur, bp Saroj from Machhilshahr and Paras Nath Rai from Ghazipur seat.

BJP has changed its candidate for the second consecutive time for the Ballia seat. Bharat Singh had won this seat in 2014. After this, in 2019, his ticket was canceled and Virendra Singh Mast was made the candidate. This time again the ticket of Virendra Singh Mast has been canceled and the ticket has been given to former PM's son Neeraj Shekhar. Whereas Shyama Charan Gupta had won the allahabad seat from bjp in 2014. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the party gave a ticket to rita Bahuguna Joshi. But now this time the party has canceled his ticket and made Neeraj Tripathi its candidate.

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