BJP who threatened thirumurugan Gandhi .. Clash in the campaign - tension due to raising competition slogans

When thirumurugan Gandhi, the coordinator of the May 17 Movement, was campaigning in coimbatore in support of an independent candidate in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, there was a commotion when the bjp stopped him and prevented him from campaigning.

Conflict in the campaign

The parliamentary election campaign is heating up. The competition is particularly strong in coimbatore with bjp state president annamalai contesting. In this situation, Dinesh is contesting as an independent candidate in the coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency. In support of him, thirumurugan Gandhi, the coordinator of the May 17 movement, was campaigning in the Ondiputhur area last night.

At that time he campaigned against the central government and prime minister Modi. The May 17 movement of the bjp who came to the area then protested against the campaign. And the party led by former bjp district president balaji Uthmar Ramasamy got into a heated argument.

 Competition slogan - tension

The bjp also threatened thirumurugan Gandhi, the coordinator of the 17 movement. In response, thirumurugan Gandhi also got into an argument with the bjp government. Due to this, both sides clashed. Bharat Mata ki jai was raised by the bjp and the May 17 movement raised slogans such as jai Bhim, Long live Periyar, tamil Nadu for Tamils.

There was a tense atmosphere in the area as the bjp stopped the May 17 movement's campaign. While the May 17 movement campaigned with due permission, the bjp prevented them from campaigning, causing a sensation.

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