Did Suri - Vishnu vishal get back together after a shirt-tearing fight?

Vishnu Vishal's father, Suri went to the police station and the court to argue that vishnu Vishal's father had cheated in buying a place. This photo is now going viral.

 Actor Soori

Actor Suri has turned from a comedy actor to a hero with the film 'Vidukhai'. He continues to choose the opportunities that come his way to act as the hero of the story. He is currently focusing on the shooting of 'Vidukhai 2' and has confirmed that he has reunited with his friend vishnu Vishal.

 Actor Vishnu vishal debuted as the hero in 'Vennila Kabadi Team' and actor Suri also played the lead role. This was followed by several films like Kullanari Kootam, Jeeva, Velanu Vandatta Velikakaran, and vishnu mixed with vishal in comedy.

Vishnu Vishal

While the two were close friends, Suri tried to buy a piece of land through Vishal's father. Suri then complained that Vishal's father had stolen Suri's money and lodged a complaint at the police station. Then the matter went to court.

Vishnu Vishal

Vishnu vishal had complained about Suri and Suri vishnu Vishal's father alternately, and then both sides had a heart-to-heart talk about this problem. was

He said that he had recently met Suri and would soon inform the media about this. Following this, Vishnu vishal shared a photo of himself and his father with Suri on his social media. It is noteworthy that if some confusion happens in life, we should try to solve it, we live a short life and we don't want to make problems in it.

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