Thilakabama wins, at least the central minister is guaranteed! AIADMK, DMK to prevent this! arjun Sampath!

Anbumani, who has the philosophy of change and progress, has announced Thilakabama as his candidate to bring change and progress to the Dindigul constituency.

Hindu People's party leader arjun Sampath has alleged that the DMK is deliberately deceiving the people with political intentions in the caste board census issue.

With 9 days left for the parliamentary elections, tamil Nadu's political arena has created a stir. Candidates are meeting voters in person and collecting votes in a different way and alliance party leaders are also engaged in whirlwind campaigns. In that way, Hindu People's party leader arjun Sampath was involved in collecting votes in support of the BMC candidate east Dilapama, who is contesting on behalf of the national democratic alliance party in the Dindigul lok sabha constituency.

Earlier, he congratulated Tilak Bama on his victory in the Dindigul constituency parliamentary elections and honored him with a scepter. Following this, arjun Sampath, who was engaged in election campaigning, said that the Communist party has planned and suspended the candidate of the DMK Dindigul constituency so that it does not develop. Because the communist party is responsible for the non-development of industries in Dindigul, the a lack of proper infrastructure and caste-religion conflicts. That is why Anbumani, who has the principle of change and progress, has declared Tilak Bama as his candidate to bring change and progress in the Dindigul constituency.

Thilakabama will certainly become the Union minister if he wins this parliamentary election. He accused DMK and AIADMK of planning and working together to defeat him. Also, DMK is deliberately accusing the central government led by prime minister Modi as the reason for not conducting caste-wise census, and if chief minister M. K. stalin had thought of it, he could have completed the caste-wise census in tamil Nadu sometime in the last three years. He said that DMK is deliberately deceiving people with political intentions on the issue of the caste board census.

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