PM Modi will rule for 3rd term: Astrologers predict!

Astrologers from karnataka have predicted that prime minister Modi will govern for the 3rd time

Parliamentary lok sabha elections will be held across the country in 7 phases. bjp is aiming to form the government for the third time after winning a hat-trick in this election. bjp has also set a target to win more than 400 constituencies and form a government with majority strength. But the opposition parties have come together in the name of india Alliance to defeat the BJP.

In this situation, the soothsayers from karnataka State have predicted that prime minister Modi will govern for the 3rd time. Renowned astrologers from Bagalkot and Dharwad districts of karnataka state predicted prime minister Narendra Modi's return to power for the third consecutive term, predicting the future on the occasion of the Ugadi festival.

Mallikarjuna Gopi, who has been predicting the future for hundreds of years in the Marwadi Bageecha area of Guletguda town in Bagalkot district, has predicted the victory of prime minister Narendra Modi for the third time in the lok sabha elections.

Forecasting monsoon and crop growth, he predicted that dal and pearl millet crops would be affected by insects and thousands of farmers and traditional garment makers would make changes in their lifestyle.

Meanwhile, a popular puppet fortune teller from Hanumanagoppa village near Pedekeri town in Dharwad district has predicted that there will be no change in central and state politics. This means that PM Modi will rule for the 3rd term. Traditional doll divination astrology has been practiced by the people of the region since 1936.

It may be recalled that earlier traditional puppet astrology had predicted that the bjp would lose power in karnataka and the congress government headed by chief minister Siddaramaiah would come to power in the future.

Puppetry is performed on the full moon day preceding the Ugadi festival. Toys will be installed in four directions on the bank of a local stream. It is worth noting that fortune tellers predict the next day by analyzing puppets in specific directions.

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