DMK, which is contesting in just 21 seats, cannot save even a deadlock in tamil Nadu: Annamalai

Stalin should be ashamed of himself for spreading false information to threaten the public without any responsibility for the post of Chief Minister. It may be your habit to say whatever anyone writes down. But annamalai said that it is not attractive for the post of chief minister of tamil Nadu that you are holding.

Chief minister Stalin had criticized prime minister Modi for circling tamil Nadu during the election season like birds come to the sanctuary during the season. In response to this, bjp State President annamalai has published a post on the social networking site, in which the Hon'ble prime minister of india Narendra Modi,

Thanks to chief minister Mr.Stalin who unknowingly revealed the fact that the prime minister is about to take charge again for the third time. Will the chief minister of tamil Nadu be unaware of the fact that the DMK, which is contesting in just 21 seats, cannot save even a deadlock in tamil Nadu, not India?

Why should we exclude the NEET exam?

Amid all the chaos like Rs 30,000 crore corruption between son and son-in-law, sand robbery, law and order-disorder across the state, mineral resource robbery, ganja, drug smuggling, and sale, lack of security for the police, DMK ministers and administrators waiting to go to jail, usually, chief minister Stalin, who sticks his family's name on all the projects of the central government, has requested the central government to fulfill the election promises given by the DMK during the last 2021 elections, without even knowing that this long piece of paper is on the website.

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