Lok Sabha elections 2024: List of candidates without assets!

Candidates contesting in the first phase of lok sabha elections 2024 across the country have revealed the details of the candidates who have no or little assets.

Parliamentary lok sabha election 2024 date has been announced. Accordingly, the election for a total of 543 lok sabha constituencies across the country will be held in 7 phases. Early voting begins on april 19. The nominations for the primary elections have been completed and the candidates have been finalized. Filing of nominations for the next round of polling is going on.

Meanwhile, dramatic information is being released about the financial status of the candidates contesting in the primary elections. Candidates have listed the value of their assets in the affidavit filed with their nomination papers. Accordingly, a private election watchdog, the Society for Democratic Rights, recently found that one out of every three candidates is a millionaire. Meanwhile, some candidates have no or little assets, it has been revealed.

Accordingly, the details of the top 10 candidates with zero net worth are as follows; Independent candidate Arvind sivaji Thandekar Kivinsukha contesting from Ramtek constituency in Maharashtra, Virendra Suriyavanshi of Deshjanhit party contesting from nagpur constituency, Devendran contesting from South chennai in tamil Nadu, Jayaprakash contesting as an independent from Vellore, Albert Francis Xavier contesting as an independent from Krishnagiri, All india Democratic People's Kazhagam candidate contesting from Arokanam. , sathyaraj and Gunasekaran, who are contesting as independents in Villupuram, Anbin Amuthan, who is contesting as an independent in Trichy, and Suresh, who is contesting as an independent in Tirunelveli, have mentioned their assets as zero in their nomination papers.

Similarly, Ponraj, who is contesting as an independent in Thoothukudi, has shown his property worth Rs.320. SUCIC candidate in North chennai, Sebastian, has shown his property worth Rs.1500.

Also, candidates contesting as independents in Ramtech, North chennai, Arani and puducherry constituencies karthik Gendlalji Dok, Suriya Muthu, Damodaran, and Satish Kumar have mentioned their property values as Rs.500, Rs.500, Rs.1000 and Rs.2000 respectively in their nomination papers.

Suresh Kumar and Palaniswami who are contesting as independents in Dindigul have mentioned Rs.2000 each, Govindarasu who is contesting in Trichy as an independent Rs.2000, and Krishnanan who is contesting as an independent in Thoothukudi has mentioned Rs.3500 as their property value in their nomination papers.

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