If Modi is given power again, they will dig a hole and bury us; Seaman's speech in Coimbatore

Naam Tamilar party chief coordinator Seeman said in a campaign held in coimbatore that the BJP, Congress, DMK, and AIADMK are being held back again and again.

All the parties are actively campaigning given the approaching parliamentary elections. The leaders of the respective political parties who have supported the candidates in all places are actively campaigning. As a part of it, Nam Tamilar party chief coordinator Seeman campaigned in support of the party's coimbatore candidate Kalamani in the Papanaikanpalayam area of Coimbatore.

Speaking then, he said that after the Dravidian parties came to power, corruption, bribery, mismanagement, defamatory speech, criticism, indecent speech, which could not be tolerated, took place. Where will there be democracy in the country if they want to destroy the opposition parties as if they should not exist?

No law is respected in India. To change from the base. Here is the education system of what you study and how much you can earn. Surrogate economic policy is everyone come to my country and produce. This country is for rent. The NEET exam is conducted by a private organization in the USA. Such a big country could not even conduct an exam for its students. This five-year election is not about doing good. They have sold 95 percent of the country. There are only five percent left. If we give them five more years, they will sell that too. adani and Ambani will buy it.

If everything is privatization, why this election? If the private will run better, then the government should also be given to the private. What is the name of this democracy, democracy, free country? What a deception it is to frame the growth of individual capitalists as the growth of the nation as a whole. If Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman says that 80 crore poor people were given 5 kg of rice during the time of Corona, then what do they call development when the government says that 80 crore poor people are? They will provide drinking water properly till this election. After the election, you will go from house to house.

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