81 lok sabha election candidates in tamil Nadu have serious criminal backgrounds; Private organization information

Ranganathan, a member of the tamil Nadu election watchdog, informed that 135 of the candidates contesting the lok sabha elections have criminal backgrounds and 81 have serious criminal backgrounds.

Surveys were carried out by a private organization called tamil Nadu election Watch on the candidates contesting the parliamentary elections in tamil Nadu. A press conference was held in salem on behalf of the organization.

A member of the organization, Ranganathan, who met the media at the time, said that 945 candidates are contesting in the 2024 lok sabha elections. As per the survey, 135 candidates have criminal cases against them. Another 81 candidates have stated in their affidavits that they have serious criminal cases against them.

Therefore, he requested the election commission to conduct a proper investigation into the cases and property details of these people after the election and let the people know the true situation. And among the total candidates contesting in tamil Nadu, candidates belonging to major political parties have an average net worth of Rs 10 crore. Only two percent of them are mentioned as having no property background.

And only 8 percent of women have been given a chance in this election. He also asked the election commission to monitor this.

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