"Why did you deceive that innocent naga Chaitanya? The standard response from Samantha.

Why did you deceive the innocent husband naga Chaitanya? samantha has given a quality response to the question.


Actress samantha is a leading actress in tamil and Telugu. He made his debut in the year 2010 with the film Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and went on to act in many hit films like Bana Kathadi, Nan E, Anjaan, Kaththi, Thanga Magan, 24, Theri, Iruuthiri.

Within a short period, he paired up with leading actors like Vijay, Suriya, Dhanush, and Vishal. samantha, who has been a PC in both tamil and telugu languages, has created her own fan base.

Meanwhile, samantha, who was in love with her co-star naga chaitanya, married him in 2017. However, both samantha and naga chaitanya officially announced their separation in 2021. samantha faced a lot of criticism due to this.

In this context, samantha was undergoing treatment for myositis. For this, he took a break from acting and rested.

Currently, he only has a web series called Citadel. The series is expected to be released soon. And it is said that samantha is going to act opposite Allu Arjun.

It is reported that director Atlee is going to direct the next film with Allu Arjun. It is said that samantha has been selected as the heroine of this film.

Samantha, on the other hand, has been publishing health-related podcasts on social media. Recently, samantha shared a yoga video. How important is yoga in your daily routine? samantha also posted a video explaining its benefits.

Fans are congratulating samantha after watching this video. They are posting positive comments about the lifestyle.

But a netizen asked samantha an embarrassing question. The user posted “Tell me why your innocent husband naga chaitanya is a cheater”.

Samantha has given a standard response. That is, in his post, “Sorry.. these practices (yoga) may not help you. You may need something stronger.. stay well..” he posted.

While many people have welcomed this comment of samantha, they are also commenting that you should not lower your standards by replying to such haters. They are condemning the user who questioned samantha how can ask such questions without knowing anything.

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