Vijay, Rajini films sales of 'Vitadeliya' exceeded! Completed deal for weighted amount!

A latest update about Thala ajith starrer 'Vidasali' is currently going viral on social media.

While the official announcement was made by Leica Company that director Vignesh Sivan will direct Ajith's 62nd film under the direction of Vignesh Sivan, the film was delayed for several months.

After the release of Thadhavu, ajith started focusing on bike racing. Later, as ajith and Lyca company were not satisfied with the story told by Vignesh Sivan, it was reported that Ajith's 62nd film was going to be made with another director.

According to that, while ajith liked the story told by the director Majiz Thirumeni... the shooting of the movie 'Vidaseleva' started last year. Since the beginning of the film, the shooting has been done abroad. Even recently, Ajith's manager suresh Chandra... shared a video of Ajith's car chase scene without dope. Seeing this, many fans were questioning why they were taking such a risk.

And now Ajith's fans are asking for an update about the film, and now an update about the film is spreading wildly on social media. Accordingly, it is said that the karnataka theater rights of the film have been sold for several times more than Vijay, Rajini, films, and an official announcement regarding this is likely to be made soon.

It is also said that the film Vidathila will be released on diwali this year. So this year's diwali is going to be a head diwali for ajith fans. It is worth noting that the crew is going to go abroad again next week for the shooting of this film which has reached its final stage

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