Actress Roja visits the thiruttani Murugan temple

Actress Roja: Actress Roja who had darshan of Sami at Tiruthani Murugan temple... tamil Nadu devotees strongly protested

Controversy has arisen that tamil Nadu devotees were waiting when actress and minister of Andhra state Roja Samy had darshan at Tiruthani Murugan temple.

Actress Roja visits the thiruttani Murugan temple

Actress and minister Roja Sami had darshan at Tiruthani Murugan Temple. The temple administration allowed free darshan to those who accompanied them. The devotees of Muruga have questioned whether the Tiruthani Murugan temple administration will allow special darshan only for those coming from andhra pradesh after saying that there is no special darshan for tamilnadu devotees.

As it was Kritikai day, a special Abhishekam and Deeparathan was performed to Lord Muruga early in the morning at Tiruthani Murugan temple, the fifth abode of Lord Muruga. In this, thousands of devotees from various states like Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, tamil Nadu, and Andhra karnataka have been waiting in long queues since early morning to have free darshan and one hundred rupees fee.

In this situation, actress and minister Roja and another Andhra minister Rural Development minister Petha reddy Ramachandra reddy both participated in the abhishek program held today and worshiped Lord Muruga. Later they were given special honor by garlanding and offering prasad on behalf of the temple administration.

As the two Ministers came along with the minister of Andhra State, more than twenty people from Andhra State came with them. All of them were taken on a special route and the temple administration organized a special darshan and offered offerings. Thiruthani Murugan temple administration says that there is no special route for darshan for devotees from tamil Nadu, how Murugan temple administration allows special darshan for 20 people who came with two ministers from Andhra state. ..?

Thiruthani Municipality DMK councilors and DMK members participated in the program to welcome the minister of Andhra State today and had a special darshan at Murugan Temple. The Murugan temple administration permits all of them to have a special darshan. But the devotees have accused tamil Nadu devotees of deceiving the Thiruthani Murugan temple administration to stand in the scorching heat and pay a fee of Rs 100 to go for a special darshan.

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