Mysterious death of wild elephants increasing near Pannari!

 Tragedy befell an elephant wandering around with its cub

A mother elephant who was roaming around with her baby on a farm near Sathyamangalam suddenly fell ill, and the medical team was treating the elephant.

Forest department doctors treated a wild elephant suffering from health problems in Erode district

A wild elephant that came with its calf this morning near Pannari, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary under Sathyamangalam tiger Reserve, Erode District, suddenly fell due to ill health and unable to walk. The forest department staff, who were on patrol as usual, immediately informed the higher authorities about the condition of the elephant.

Based on this, the Sathyamangalam forest department rushed to the spot, took a veterinarian, and started treating the mother elephant. The ailing female elephant is said to be around 40 to 45 years old and her calf is said to be two to three years old. Doctors are investigating the details of why the female elephant is now lying down due to health problems. And now the forest department has started providing treatment.

Two months ago, a mother elephant came to the same area with her calf, and she died tragically in two days due to poor health. Two days ago, a female elephant fell ill and died in a single day in the Kadampur hills. The continuous death of elephants in Sathyamangalam tiger Reserve due to severe drought and old age has caused sadness among animal welfare activists.

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