Amma Restaurant in sikkim State: bjp election Manifesto!

If the bjp wins in the state of sikkim, the party has issued an election manifesto saying that Amma Diet will be set up. Parliamentary lok sabha election 2024 date has been announced. Accordingly, the election for a total of 543 lok sabha constituencies across the country will be held in 7 phases. Early voting begins on april 19. The election commission has announced that the final and 7th phase of polling will be held on june 1 the votes will be counted on june 4 and the results will be announced on the same day.

Along with the lok sabha elections, assembly elections will be held in 4 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, and sikkim, and by-elections for 26 assembly constituencies across the country. In this situation, the bjp has released its manifesto for the sikkim state assembly elections. 'Modi's Guarantee - A Developed Bharat; BJP's election manifesto named 'Developed Sikkim' has been released by the party's national president JP Natta.

It contains various aspects including that if the bjp wins in the state of sikkim, Amma Diet will be set up. “Prime minister Modi is working tirelessly to ensure unprecedented development in the Northeast. His mission is to ensure last mile connectivity. You can analyze for yourself the difference between the situation in sikkim 10 years ago and the situation now.” JP Natta who released the election manifesto said.

Features of sikkim State bjp election Manifesto

** Women-run affordable restaurant 'Amma Canteen' to open in Sikkim

** The essence of 371F which gives special status to the State of sikkim will be preserved

** I.I.M. in the state of Sikkim. An educational institute will be started

** Various infrastructure development of important projects like road, rail, air transport will be ensured

** A fund of Rs.500 crore will be created for agricultural infrastructure

** 25,000 jobs will be created for women and youth in sikkim in the next 5 years

** Agricultural infrastructure will be improved to benefit farmers

** The National Institute of Design will be set up in Sikkim

** Rs.6000 per annum to be given to farmers under the Bhim Kisan Scheme will be increased to Rs.9000

** women and youth will be empowered; the Tourism sector will be promoted.

** There are various aspects including that a Regional Institute for Medical Sciences will be set up in Sikkim.

Amma Restaurant was started in 2013 by former chief minister Jayalalithaa across tamil Nadu. Amma Restaurant, which was started to provide quality food at a low cost to all the people, Amma Restaurant is also a role model for other states in India. While the neighboring states have started similar restaurants looking at tamil Nadu, the bjp has released an election manifesto saying that Amma Restaurant will be opened in the northeastern state of sikkim if it comes to power.

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