Pay G Pay and see Modi's scams! DMK's hi-tech election campaign!

A day after PM Modi slammed the ruling DMK at a rally in Vellore on Wednesday, 'G Pay' posters criticizing Modi were released.DMK has put up 'Ji Pay' posters with Modi's face all over tamil Nadu to attack their political rival BJP.

The posters with the QR code read "Scan QR Summer, See Modi's Scam". Upon scanning, a video comes up revealing the details of the election bond scam that the DMK is accusing the bjp of. The posters came a day after prime minister Modi slammed the ruling DMK at a rally in Vellore on Wednesday.

Modi accused the DMK of having a monopoly on corruption and indulging in divisive politics. He also slammed the DMK and its ally congress for giving priority to the welfare of the family over the welfare of the people."DMK has got the first patent for corruption, the whole family is looting tamil Nadu," said DMK leader and tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin's family indirectly.

"Today, the country is setting a world record in 5g (telecommunications), but DMK has been discredited by the 2G scam. congress and DMK are at the forefront of protecting the corrupt. Even though I say remove corruption, they say they will protect the corrupt," Modi added. In the case of 2G spectrum allocation, DMK leaders A. Raja, Kanimozhi, and others were accused. They were acquitted in a special court. With elections to all 39 lok sabha constituencies in tamil Nadu scheduled to be held on april 19, the state's political climate has reached its peak.

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