There is no chance of the bjp coming back to power not only in tamil Nadu but also in india - Kanimozhi

DMK candidate kanimozhi said at a campaign meeting held in Thoothukudi that bjp cannot come to power not only in tamil Nadu but anywhere in the country.

Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, DMK candidate of Thoothukudi Parliamentary Constituency india Alliance today canvassed the public in Karisalkulam panchayat under Kovilpatti assembly Constituency and collected votes for the Udayasuriyan symbol. During the campaign, Thoothukudi North district DMK Secretary, Social Welfare - Women's Rights Department P. geetha Jeevan, Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation Mayor jagan Periyasamy, india Alliance executives, and others participated.

Speaking at the campaign, kanimozhi said, looking at the brothers and sisters here, there is no doubt that the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam will win this constituency. I am sure that there is no chance that the bjp will come back to power not only in tamilnadu but also in india anytime soon.

Because when there was a flood in tamil Nadu, the prime minister did not come and did not provide relief. Since the election, he has been traveling around tamil Nadu. He came to chennai even yesterday, and even though he arrived in more than three days, the note is stuck below. The prime minister regrets that he does not know how to speak Tamil. They say to make us study Hindi, if they want to study tamil then the chief minister of tamil Nadu will send them a tamil teacher.

About Rs 15 lakh crore of corporate bank loans to the super-rich have been written off. If the india coalition comes to power, the agriculture loan and education loan cancellation will work. Gas cylinders will be given at Rs.500, petrol at Rs.75, and diesel at Rs.65 once our regime comes into the Union. Similarly, 100 days of work will be increased to 150 days. Salary will be Rs.400.

In this area, we have provided free housing land plots, hearing aids, inputs, and welfare assistance to the farmers through the Makkal Kalam program. Passenger shade Rs. 6 lakhs has been built. He said that you should give me another chance to continue working for you

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