Nayanar Nagendran support in parliamentary elections? Supporters of Karate Selvam

Karate Selvin Nadar youth Team has said that the bjp does not support the Paddy Parliamentary constituency.

Nayanar Nagendran, who is in charge of the tirunelveli legislator, is contesting in the tirunelveli Lok Sabha constituency. Nayanar Nagendran is actively campaigning throughout the constituency to get close to the delhi bjp if he wins this election. He meets various organizations for this purpose and is seeking his support. In that respect, Karate Selvin's Kamarajar Adityanar Corporation is said to have been sought. Accordingly, Karate Selvin's wife, Viola, said that she would eradicate liquor shops and open the cavalry. If the bjp comes to power and makes such promises, the youth will get employment, so Nayanar Nagendran has said he will support Nagendran.

In this case, Nellai Perumalpuram Karate Selvin Nadar youth Team Executives praveen and lawyer Jim. At the time, they said that Nayanar Nagendran was contesting on behalf of the bharatiya janata party in the Paddy Parliament. Kamarajar Adityanar Association President Viola Selvin, wife of the late Karate Selvin, has said that he will support Nayanar Nagendran. We will not accept it. So we will soon decide who will support the paddy constituency, so we will not support the Bharatiya Janata Party.

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