Stalin can be awarded Nobel prize in deceiving people - Palanisamy Review

At a campaign meeting in Tirupur, the AIADMK general secretary Edappadi Palanisamy said that the Nobel Peace prize could be awarded to the chief minister of the Voting of the Vote.

In Tirupur Pandian, the AIADMK candidate for the Tirupur parliamentary constituency. Edappadi K. Palanisamy, the AIADMK general secretary and leader of the legislative opposition, made a special speech for the double leaf symbol in favor of Arunachalam. Edappadi K. Palanisamy, the AIADMK general secretary and former first minister, said that Arunachalam is on behalf of the AIADMK alliance.

Tirupur is the backbone industry. When the DMK came to power, the industry went worse. The industry, which works millions, has deteriorated. The mother gave 200 crores of debt when they had a dyeing issue during the regime. The industry is in a bad situation today. Despite a series of agitations, the DMK government has not reduced the electricity tariff.

Stalin had a box to take the petition before coming to power. After coming to power, the box disappeared. stalin was the one who came to power in the votes of deceiving the people. stalin can be awarded the Nobel Peace prize for deceiving people. stalin asks the big thief. 656 crore has come to DMK as an election. Online Rummy has given Rs 550 crore through the election bond.

The Smart City project has been implemented in Tirupur today. Since we started the project, they put it in the warehouse. Once the AIADMK rule is again, the Avinashi Attikadavu project will be implemented. government Medical college in Tirupur DMK is not bringing a medical college.

The second and third drinking water project was brought to the Tirupur Corporation. Now the fourth drinking water project has been introduced by the AIADMK. But he named him. karunanidhi named the bus station. 644 crores of sewer projects, greenhouses, and apartments are being built. 27 crores have been built by the Velampalayam government Health Center. The daily market and market are being built in Tirupur Corporation. He said many such projects were introduced in the AIADMK regime.

Earlier, the AIADMK general secretary Edappadi K. Palanisamy paid homage to 508 women. The melodrama was welcomed. More than 30 thousand people attended

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