As the election time is approaching in Andhra Pradesh, the fear between tdp and ycp parties is increasing. Due to this, the two leaders are taking cautious steps in the selection of candidates. Now there are news that Jaganmohan reddy is going to change some seats. In particular, the information being heard is that the parties in the alliance will not be transferred votes.. ycp leaders have predicted from the beginning that they will benefit from the groups.

Because there is dissatisfaction between parties and candidates in the alliance. But as the election time is approaching, it is becoming a big disturbance in the ycp as it is having a positive impact on the alliance. Especially mylavaram sitting mla Vasantha krishna Prasad is contesting from TDP. With this, ycp leader Sarnala tirupati Rao was announced there. But now Jaganmohan reddy is planning to depose minister Jogi Ramesh as he has no chance of winning there.

There are reports that the seat of another woman leader, Rajini, is also going to change this time. She won from Chilakaluripet and this time she was sent to guntur West. It is reported that the ycp leadership is now thinking of making him contest as guntur MP. Still, Kilari Venkata Roshaiah has been announced as the candidate for guntur West.

However, there is a campaign going on that vijayawada seat is going to be given to Mahesh who has recently joined ycp from Janasena.Therefore there are chances of getting clarity on guntur West, mylavaram and guntur MP seats in today's assembly meeting. Also, in the case of kadapa MP seat, YS sharmila is contesting from congress against avinash Reddy and it has become a problem for YCP. With this, there is information that the ycp party is planning to field YS abhishek Reddy. But so far none of the ycp leaders have responded on this matter. But the news that Jaganmohan reddy is changing the candidates because of the fear of defeat came to the fore.

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