Elections in andhra pradesh have turned into Chandrababu vs Jagan. In particular, ycp is moving forward with a large scale target of 175. tdp is also going ahead with the slogan Why Not Pulivendala. If it is possible to beat kuppam like Chandrababu Kanchukota..can tdp flag be brought down for almost four decades..let's see whose side the people of kuppam are on.

Kuppam is like a fortress for telugu Desam Party. After the formation of tdp party, no other flag has been flown in the heap. Chandrababu entered the race in 1989 and continued to win seven consecutive times. This time they are going to compete for the eighth time. But this time, the ycp government is planning to block Chandrababu with a huge plan on top of Kuppam. They are strongly planning to hoist the ycp flag this time also in Kuppam. That is why MLC Bharat is being fielded.

Kuppam in chittoor district is very close to karnataka region.. kuppam Kanchukota for tdp party, in 1983 and 1985, Rangaswamy Naidu won twice as tdp mla there. In 1978, Chandrababu won as an mla from the congress party for the first time in Chandragiri. After that he shifted to kuppam constituency in 1989. The people of kuppam have been supporting Chandrababu for three decades. There are approximately 2,20,000 voters with a total population of over four lakhs. But their priority here is mostly agriculture. But here mostly kshatriya social class voting is more.

No matter who the opponent is, Chandrababu will have the upper hand there. Before the ycp party, the candidates of the congress party could not defeat the tough competition there. In the past, people like Subrahmanyam reddy and Chandramouli faced failure when they challenged Chandrababu.

In fact, Chandrababu's majority is decreasing with every election. But the victory belongs to Chandrababu. Analysts reveal that defeating Chandrababu is not an easy matter. It seems that Chandrababu's mark is very much in the development of Kuppam. Advanced government buildings, drip irrigation, micro, medical colleges etc. were placed in Chandrababu. It seems that recently Chandrababu has also completed his house in Kuppam.

The ycp party showed its spirit in the kuppam Municipality as well as the panchayat elections.. This time Peddireddy focused on kuppam to defeat Chandrababu. All in all, there will be a lot of interest in the election this time around. Will Chandrababu achieve the Lakh majority.. This time also the ycp party will give a tough competition there, it is becoming exciting.

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