As the elections are approaching in Andhra Pradesh, unexpected developments are taking place in the politics of the state. Major political parties have already announced their candidates and are showing their campaign. They are always making promises to impress them. .Jagan made a scathing sketch on janasena chief Pawan Kalyan..Pawan Kalyan's party won only one seat in the last election. Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan lost in both the places he contested. Even so, Pawan took a step forward without thinking about defeat.

Knowing that janasena is not ready to face jagan who is politically strong in the elections this time in the state, Pawan formed an alliance with tdp and bjp which are the main parties of each party. This time, Pawan is moving forward with the aim of Jagan's defeat. But as part of the alliance, Pawan got only 21 seats. Even in those 21 seats taken by Pawan, the leaders who have joined the janasena from bjp and tdp have not been given to the people who have always worked for the party, and the leaders there are deeply dissatisfied. Thinking that this is the reason, jagan is making the disgruntled janasena leaders who have not taken him into his party to criticize Pawan.

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