It is known to all that Chandrababu paderu MLA Gaddi Ishwari switched parties when tdp was in power. Especially since she walked with Chandrababu from ycp, now it seems that she has suddenly lost her way politically. It seems that the paderu seat was given to Killu Venkata ramesh naidu and not to Giddi Eshwar. There are reports that Giddi Ishwari's condition has become so bad that she has fired on Chandrababu Naidu.

Ishwari, who won from paderu in 2014 from ycp party, joined Malli tdp after some time. In 2019, Gaddi Eswari lost standing from tdp party. This time when the 2024 elections came, Chandrababu also showed her a stubborn hand. With this, Venkata ramesh naidu is going to be fielded as a new candidate. It seems that he has decided to contest as an independent candidate after a meeting with the tdp leaders and activists present at Ishwari's house in Paderu.

Giddi Ishwari also announced to the media that she is going to contest as an independent. The leaders are also saying that Ishwari's political future will be clear in this election. Discussions are also heard that if she is not elected to the Legislative assembly this time, her political future will be completely over. Even her activists say that if she had not joined the tdp, she would have definitely become a minister in the ycp party. There are also reports that going with Chandrababu and not jagan has led to the situation of building a grave for her life politically. And the leaders of Giddi Ishwari are discussing who will get trouble if she stands as an independent.

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