Harish Rao's comments on cm revanth Reddy.

BRS leader and former minister harish rao made comments on chief minister revanth Reddy. He criticized revanth reddy for not being able to stand it if kcr went and visited the farmers. He said that revanth Reddy's language is offensive and it is not appropriate for revanth reddy, who is the chief minister of the state, to speak in this way. On Wednesday, harish rao and mla Gudem Mahipal reddy launched the BRS medak Lok Sabha election Campaign Chariots at Siddi Ganapati Temple, Rudraram, Pathan Cheru Mandal. On this occasion, harish rao said that the congress party wanted change and came to power and misleading the people. BRS mp candidate Venkatramireddy was being slandered saying that he is not local. He is staying in Telapur and suggested that people should vote based on the candidate's qualities.

Do we want people who raise their voices on our problems in the parliament? harish rao said that people should decide. He said that the pink flag has been flying in the medak parliament since 2004. He expressed hope that the BRS party will win in the parliament again. He said that the height of the congress party has risen. harish rao criticized that despite saying that the guarantees will be fulfilled in 100 days, no guarantees have been fulfilled yet. revanth reddy, who already gives finches to poor women, said that he owes 42 lakh people. They demanded that the congress party should be able to win votes only after giving unemployment benefits and finchans to poor women. harish rao severely criticized the congress government for deceiving the people by saying that it would waive off loans to tenant farmers and farmers.

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