Tatikonda Rajaiah as warangal BRS mp candidate..!?

Another important development has taken place in the allotment of telangana mp election tickets. It seems that the ticket has been allotted to Tati Konda Rajaiah as Roosa Boss Tajaga and warangal mp candidate. telangana mp elections are generating more heat in the summer. In this order, the ruling congress party, BRS, and bjp are already campaigning more. All the parties are rushing into the election campaign in their own style. Meanwhile...in telangana, especially from BRS, more people are migrating to Congress. In the past, BRS wanted Kadiam to be in the ring, especially from the warangal mp seat. But he asked Rosebaas to give an mp ticket to his daughter Kadyam Kavya. Due to this, the ticket was allotted to Rose Boss, Kadiam Kavya.
In this order, Kavya Rose wrote a letter to her boss saying that she could not be in the ring from warangal due to the arrest of MLC kavitha in Liquor sam and phone tapping. After that, he joined the congress party. In this order, in the past in warangal, there was a battle between the kings of Kadiam srihari and Tatikonda. Even in the telangana assembly elections, Rose Boss only favored Kadiam srihari from Warangal. Tatikonda Rajaiah got angry and resigned from the party in tears.But he did not join the Congress. Meanwhile, because Kadiam and Kavya joined the congress, it can be said that the line has been cleared for Rajaiah. He has been allotted the warangal ticket in the mp elections by Rose Boss. Tatikonda Rajaiah... also worked as a doctor in the past. Apart from that, he served as mla twice and once as Deputy CM. Similarly, the party was very confident from the beginning. It seems that Tatikonda Rajaiah has been allotted the warangal mp ticket after seeing his services and the popularity of the people in Warangal. Meanwhile, it can be said that the warangal mp election fight has become tough, especially as the warangal ticket has been allotted to Tatikonda Rajaiah and both of them are key leaders. Aruri Ramesh from warangal is in the ring.

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