Chandrababu: 4 thousand pensions for 50 years!!!

 TDP chief Chandrababu has announced that tdp comes to power in the upcoming elections, they will give Rs.4 thousand per month as a pension to the bc communities after 50 yearsTributes were paid to mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule on his birth anniversary on Thursday. He said that tdp is credited with bringing a special sub-plan for BCs with his inspiration. We will implement a sub-plan for BCs with Rs. lakh and a half crores. We will spend Rs.10 thousand crores in five years for their self-employment. We will provide equipment worth Rs. 5 thousand crores to the professionals and handicrafts under the aadhar Scheme. We will renew the Chandranna insurance scheme and increase the compensation to Rs.10 lakh. We will also increase the wedding gift to Rs. We will fight to increase bc reservation in local bodies to 34 percent again. BCs will provide permanent caste certificates without having to go around the offices for caste certificates every time. He said that the governance will be carried out according to the ambitions of Phule.

tdp leader Chandrababu has accused jagan of waiting like a thief to create communal hatred before the elections in the state. He said that he would not let injustice happen to Muslims in andhra pradesh with his life in his voice. He was addressing a function held at Nidadavolu of east godavari district on thursday to celebrate Ramzan. He reminded that in 1999 and 2014, tdp and bjp formed the government together... the rights of Muslims and minorities were never denied. tdp gave 4 percent reservation to Muslims and defended it in the supreme Court. What did jagan do to our Muslims, our minorities? At least he could not save the reservation.

We are coming to power. 4 percent reservation will be implemented as soon as it arrives. Jagane supported the citizenship amendment act (CAA) in Parliament. A traitor who did great injustice to Muslims. We have formed a minority corporation. I established an urdu University in Hyderabad. After the partition of the state, I again established the urdu University in Kurnool. We also built the Hajj houses and provided financial assistance to them. Ramadan Tofa was given to help poor Muslims. We gave it to 10 lakh people. Is this government giving today? We also gave it as a sankranti gift. We have provided financial assistance of Rs.50 thousand for weddings. We have provided financial assistance to mosques. We gave honorariums to Imams. Any. jagan is giving? We have provided Rs.15 lakhs for foreign education for Muslim children. Everything is gone today', he clarified.

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