Sharad Pawar's group countered Praful Patel's claims...?

Now the statement of Sharad Pawar's party spokesperson has come regarding the statement of ajit pawar faction leader Praful Patel. ncp Sharad Chandra Pawar's spokesperson Clyde Crasto has termed Praful Patel's statement as meaningless and said that ncp of ajit pawar faction in bjp is not getting any support, hence praful patel is giving such statements to increase his strength. “These statements have no meaning and no value,” Crasto said. There is no truth in these statements. This is being given only to boost its sentiment because the bjp is treating the ajit pawar faction as if it is nothing. If things were to happen like this, it would have happened long ago.'' Prafull patel said that sharad pawar was 50 percent ready to support BJP.

ajit pawar is not able to use the party symbol - Crasto

Crasto continued, “If you look at the things that are happening. On seat sharing, it is not yet known how many seats they will get. They are bringing up such issues just to show their value and to show that they are relevant. The reality is that his statement makes no sense. Let me give an example. bjp organized a rally in Maharashtra. Have you seen the clock, the election symbol of the ajit pawar group? Did you see this in the banner? Yesterday I saw that there was a lotus symbol and a bow and arrow (Shiv Sena's election symbol) but the clock symbol was nowhere. If they had used the election symbol, they would have run the disclaimer that this symbol is still sub-judicial.

ajit pawar is of no importance to bjp - Crasto

ncp spokesperson Sharad Chandra Pawar said, “This means his value to bjp is zero.” They are making such statements to increase their brand value. If this was to happen, it would have happened long ago. Everyone knows in this country that if you want free publicity and want to show that you are relevant or you want to take the name of sharad pawar, then people will start watching you, media will start coming in front of you. Praful Patel's statement seems to be going in this direction.

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