Tug of war in MVA! This congress leader met Prakash Ambedkar...

The differences regarding seat distribution in maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) for the lok sabha elections in maharashtra have not ended yet. Sangli's angry congress leader vishal Patil has met Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi chief Prakash Ambedkar. It is being told that congress workers are angry over the Sangli seat being given to shiv sena (UBT). vishal Patil is the grandson of former chief minister Vasant Patil. vishal Patil has been holding the command of congress in Sangli district for many years. shiv sena (UBT) chief uddhav thackeray has made Chandrahar Patil the candidate from the Sangli lok sabha seat.

Patil may contest elections from Prakash Ambedkar's party

There is a possibility of angry congress leader vishal Patil contesting the elections from Bahujan Vanchit Aghadi i.e. Prakash Ambedkar's party. There is resentment among vishal Patil and his workers after Sangli's seat went to UBT and that is why they met Prakash Ambedkar. Prakash Ambedkar can give vishal Patil a chance to contest from Sangli.

Tug of war in MVA over Sangli seat!

There are indications that differences persist between Uddav Thackeray's party shiv sena (UBT), sharad pawar faction's ncp and congress regarding the Sangli seat in Maharashtra. After seat sharing in MVA under the 'India' alliance, Sangli's seat has come to uddhav Thackeray's party shiv sena (UBT). shiv sena (UBT) has made Chandrahar Patil its candidate from here. vishal Patil seems to be angry with the congress leadership for fielding Chandrahar Patil. On the other hand, the bjp has fielded Sanjay Kaka Patil against Chandrahar Patil of shiv sena (UBT). On the other hand, news is coming that varsha Gaikwad is also angry with Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA). varsha Gaikwad is the President of the mumbai Congress. According to the information, varsha Gaikwad is said to be angry about the mumbai seat.


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