As the elections draw closer in Andhra Pradesh, opposition leaders are causing turmoil for the ruling ycp, particularly in the constituency where shankar Rao is contesting. With the emergence of tdp candidate Bhashyam Praveen, the political landscape has shifted significantly, with even former mla Kommalapati sridhar throwing his support behind praveen at the behest of tdp chief Chandrababu.

This development has left shankar Rao in a precarious position, as some of his own party's leaders have pledged support to the opposition. The YCP's second-tier leaders, campaigning alongside shankar Rao, have openly expressed their intentions to back the tdp, further complicating matters for the ruling party. shankar Rao's once-bold demeanour has been replaced by apprehension, according to reports from his followers.

Meanwhile, Praveen's campaign has gained momentum, receiving enthusiastic support from constituents, which has unnerved ycp leaders. In response, some ycp leaders have resorted to filing legal cases against Praveen's supporters. If Praveen's campaign continues its current trajectory, ycp leaders fear an inevitable defeat in the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, the popularity of meetings organized by tdp leader Chandrababu in Krosuru has added to the confusion and anxiety among ycp leaders. Allegations of corruption, particularly related to sand mining and the Jagananna housing scheme, have further tarnished shankar Rao's image, causing significant trouble for him.

In a concerning turn of events, tensions between tdp and ycp supporters escalated to violence, with ycp leaders allegedly setting fire to the tdp office in Krosur in retaliation for derogatory comments made by shankar Rao against Chandrababu. This incident underscores the heightened tensions and fierce competition characterizing the election environment in Andhra Pradesh.

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