'BJP came to power by lying', alleges Bhanwar Singh...

Congress leader Bhanwar jitendra singh has targeted the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He has alleged that bjp asks for votes in the name of religion. Not only this, bjp has imported candidates in Alwar. Why are bjp candidates silent on 10-year tenure? Sachin Pilot, congress leader Bhanwar jitendra singh, and former minister Vishvendra Singh have taken charge of the campaign in support of congress candidate Sanjana Jatav.

Politics happening in the name of religion

Recently, congress leader Bhanwar jitendra singh reached the Deeg and Bharatpur districts and addressed public meetings in support of congress candidate Sanjana Jatav. Bhanwar jitendra singh first addressed the public meeting in Kaithwara of Deeg district and then in village Jatmasi of Rupwas tehsil of Bharatpur district.

Why haven't good days come yet?

While addressing the public meeting in Jatmasi, Bhanwar jitendra singh said that the bjp had promised good days. Why haven't good days come? Why has farmers' income not doubled yet? Why have the prices of petrol and diesel not reduced? bjp has come to power by lying and playing with people's emotions. Today such a situation has arisen that it is a mockery from kashmir to Kanyakumari. politics is being done in the name of religion. All the bjp candidates. He is asking for votes in the name of religion and caste. They have no development and no agenda.

The first phase campaign is at its peak

The candidates are trying their best for the first phase of the lok sabha elections in the country. Star campaigners are arriving to hold public meetings in support of their candidates. cm Uttar Pradesh and cm Bhajan Lal Sharma addressed the public meeting for the Bharatpur lok sabha seat.

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