What is your relationship with Adani?

Rahul gandhi stated that, "Go to every corner of the country, airports, ports, highways, solar panels, electricity, coal, and defense all belong to Adani." Only one person is being given the advantage. When I gave a speech in Parliament, my membership was taken away. The supreme court made me an mp again. I had only asked Modi ji what is your relationship with Adani. So they took my membership and then took my house also. I gave him the keys to the house and said that I do not need your house. There is a home for me in the hearts of crores of people in my country.

Rahul gandhi said that whatever prime minister Narendra Modi has done in the last 10 years. What are we going to do against him? I have come here to tell you that. If the congress government or india Alliance government is formed, every poor woman will get Rs 8500 in her account on the first of the month i.e. the government will give Rs 100000 per year. You will get this money only until you come above the line of the poor.

Rahul gandhi said that we will give 50% reservation to women in government jobs. We will also work to double the income of Asha Sahyogini and women working on contract. A few days ago it was in the news that even those who have passed IIT are not getting jobs. This is the 30 lakh jobs that prime minister Narendra Modi has put on hold. As soon as our government comes to power, we will hand over 30 lakh jobs to you.

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