Family Politics: jagan, sharmila, and Avinash..!?

YS family politics is very interesting in ap elections this time. This time along with YS Jaganmohan reddy, his sister YS sharmila, and brother avinash Reddy are also in the election ring. jagan is once again contesting from Pulivendula. YS sharmila and avinash Reddy are competing for the kadapa MP seat. YS sharmila, who had struggled for Anna's success in the past, has now joined the competition by challenging the same Anna. The younger sister sharmila, who turned against jagan due to the utter flop of her party in telangana and property disputes with her elder brother, joined the congress and tried to play a key role in Telangana. But.. revanth reddy did not allow her pulses to boil and finally, she focused on Andhra politics. Joined the congress and became the president of the PCC. As both jagan and Chandrababu are strong leaders in ap, she has come to know that it will not be easy to make congress a match for these two parties.
At the same time, sharmila is making Viveka's murder case the main weapon. YS Vivekananda Reddy's daughter Sunitha is making the fight in her favor. That is why they joined the kadapa Parliament. And jagan is also going ahead with his strategy without paying any attention to his sister's accusations. avinash Reddy from kadapa was brought into the ring again, no matter how many accusations were made. Now kadapa politics has become juicy. YS family members avinash Reddy and sharmila are facing each other directly from the kadapa Parliament. Since Jagan's constituency, pulivendula is also within the kadapa Parliament, sharmila is directly facing jagan there. sharmila, who is campaigning for YS Sunitha, is raising sentiments on pulivendula by saying that they are YS children and asking for justice. Let's see who will be the winner in this family battle.

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