The Naganna survey results have been recently revealed in the context of andhra pradesh state election in a month's time. The results of this survey show that ycp will once again come to power in the state. Organizers of this survey say that they have collected 600 samples per constituency in the state and conducted a survey with a total of one lakh samples. But the results of this survey are far from reality.
People of ap don't believe my survey results at all. In the case of Telangana, my survey predictions have been completely reversed. The survey predicted that the BRS would win 33 to 40 seats out of 60 to 68 seats, but the results were reversed. It cannot be said that there is a chance of a reversal of the results in ap, but in many districts, the results of the survey are such that even the ycp leaders cannot believe them.
The survey results show that ycp will win in 13 seats when it comes to the combined kurnool district. This survey revealed that there will be a tough fight in one place. Actually, it has been found that out of 10 seats in combined kurnool, tdp has a chance of winning in 3 seats while ycp is in favour. This survey says that ycp will win in 10 out of 10 seats in the combined kadapa district, while only 8 seats have favorable conditions for YCP.
The ycp leaders are of the opinion that there is no chance of the survey predictions coming true regarding the joint nellore district. The comments from the neutral voters are showing that there are many errors in Nagana's survey calculations and these results are completely in favor of YCP. It can be said that if the results of Naganna's survey are not true, there is a chance that the survey organizers will lose credibility among the people.

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