The election rush has started in the state of Andhra Pradesh.. assembly and parliament elections will be held simultaneously in the state on May 13.. But this time the elections are going to be very exciting. Anna's sisters, who worked together in the last election, unexpectedly turned into opponents this time.. YS sharmila campaigned on behalf of the ycp in the last election and worked hard to bring the party to power. But this time, due to differences between Anna's sisters, sharmila is standing on the side of Congress. However, in the political battle of these Anna's sisters, there is suspense as to whose side their mother Vijayamma will side with. Recently Vijayamma went abroad to open the excitement. During the last election, the entire YS family worked together for Jagan's victory. YS Vijayamma and YS sharmila campaigned extensively and urged the people to make YS Rajasekhara Reddy's son win. As a result of their campaign, jagan won a huge victory in that election and became the Chief Minister. It must be said that especially YS sharmila won the hearts of the people by saying the arrow left by Jagananna.

But after winning the last election and jagan assuming power as the Chief Minister, the situation changed completely. jagan sidelined sharmila who played a key role in his success. Politically, her growth was put on brakes... due to this, she had a disagreement with her elder brother and left for Telangana. Her mother Vijayamma also left with her. sharmila founded the YSRTP party in Telangana. With the intention of supporting her daughter, Vijayamma resigned from the post of Honorary President of the ycp Party. However, in the background of the changed political situation, sharmila merged her party with the congress and took the reins as the President of the ap congress, criticizing the YSP regime. Due to this, both Anna's sisters have become rivals politically.. In this situation, everyone's eyes are on Vijayamma. Son, daughter, who will she lean towards?

Exactly at this time, jagan started the bus trip saying we are all ready. He paid his respects at his father's grave in Idupula Paya and started the yatra on the occasion on march 27. But Vijayamma's mother attended the program and blessed Jagan. With this, a large-scale discussion started in the political circles of the state. Everyone thought that Vijayamma's son was on her side.. But later sharmila went there to bless Vijayamma's daughter even when she started campaigning on behalf of Congress. Some say that she did not want to be publicized and went on a foreign tour. Some say that jagan pressured her to go on a foreign trip because she was afraid that Vijayamma would face political problems if she raised slogans against Sharmila. But the truth should be known.

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