'Government can go any time', kangana Ranaut's attack?

Mandi seat is in the news these days in himachal pradesh lok sabha elections. The round of allegations and counter-allegations continues among the leaders in the election battle. Meanwhile, bjp candidate from Mandi lok sabha seat kangana ranaut has attacked himachal pradesh government minister and congress leader vikramaditya Singh without taking his name. He has given a direct challenge and said that it is not the responsibility of anyone's parents that they will be sent away by intimidation.

Kangana Ranaut's taunt on Congress!

BJP candidate from Mandi lok sabha seat kangana ranaut, without taking the name of congress leader Vikramaditya, further said, "I have found such king's sons everywhere." I also met many of Raja's sons in the film industry, against whom I raised my voice in mumbai also. These king's sons did not make me, it was I who made them disappear from my film." kangana ranaut said that new and outsiders should be given a chance.

Leaders of india alliance are scared – kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, bjp candidate from Mandi lok sabha seat, further said, “Even in the film industry, I had to struggle with dynasties. india Alliance is not able to decide on its candidate. They look nervous and scared. He has no political issue left. If he had not been afraid he would not have made indecent remarks against women. I have always had to deal with dynasty politics and it seems I will have to face it here too. He said that here too his government seems to be falling apart. His government can go any time.

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