In the 2019 elections, Jana Sena leader and power star pawan kalyan contested from two assembly seats, but YSP succeeded in defeating Jana Sena in both seats. During the 2019 elections, the results were in favor of ycp in gajuwaka and bhimavaram constituencies as conditions were favorable to Jagan. However, it is being spread that the ruling party is indirectly trying their best to defeat Pawan in this election as well.
SVSN Verma, who is campaigning on Pawan's behalf in pithapuram, revealed that there are conspiracies going on to prevent Pawan from voting. Farmers who have taken loans from a bank are under increasing pressure to vote for ycp, will they vote for YCP? Or will the loans be repaid with interest? Verma said that they are making threats. Verma's comments are becoming a hot topic in AP.
Netizens are commenting that only those who are acting in favor of tdp and janasena parties have been targeted in this way. Verma says that he will complain to the ec about the behavior of the bank officials. In an earlier case in Tirupati, the candidates of one party distributed money to the candidate of the other party saying that it does not matter if they do not vote for their party.
Pawan's fans believe that similar plans are being made to defeat Pawan in pithapuram as well. netizens are commenting that if ycp takes wrong steps to defeat Pawan, even neutral voters will vote for Pawan. It would be better if vanga geetha tries to win instead of plotting to defeat ycp Pawan. Bhogatta said that since Pawan is fully confident about winning in pithapuram, he has also focused on other constituencies.

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