Jitu Patwari lashed out at PM in Mahakaushal and Vindhya…

Madhya Pradesh congress President Jitu Patwari was on a tour of Mahakaushal and Vindhya region on wednesday (April 10). During this, amid the strong storm, PCC Chief Jitu Patwari lashed out at the bjp government at the Center and the state. During the general meeting, Jitu Patwari also made five promises to the tribals. During this, he also targeted Shivraj Singh Chauhan. He asked the women of the tribal community that Shivraj Singh Chauhan had promised Rs 3000 to the beloved sisters, are they getting it, to which the women present in the pandal replied that they are not getting it.

PCC Chief Jitu Patwari told the crowd present in the pandal during the public meeting that on one side, Phundelal Marco of congress is contesting elections from here. He is also the mla from here, who is always among you. On the other side is bjp mp Himadri, who won from here and did not come for the second time. He asked whether she had come to sit at someone's funeral or to attend a wedding, and people said no. Patwari asked that Rs. 50 crore is given in five years from mp fund, work worth Rs. 4-5 lakhs must have been done in your village, but people said that it has not been done.

There was a promise of Rs 30 per liter of petrol.

Jitu Patwari asked, then you made her an mp, when she did not come to the village, did not come to the happiness and sorrow, then she should get votes. State congress President Jitu Patwari, while addressing the public meeting, said that in the 2014 elections, narendra modi had said 'Enough of inflation, this time Modi government', narendra modi had claimed that the price of petrol should be Rs 30 per liter. Will go. PM Modi had promised to provide two crore jobs, did your children get jobs?

Promise to give 8 thousand 500

PCC Chief Jitu Patwari promised that if the coalition government comes to power at the Centre, then Rs 8,500 will be given every month to the child who has completed graduation. Along with this, Rs 8 thousand 500 will also be given to the accounts of women. Jeetu Patwari said to make my video and keep it. Jitu Patwari further said that 30 lakh jobs will be provided in a year. Jitu Patwari took a jibe at Shivraj Singh Chauhan and said that Shivraj had bluffed, whereas rahul gandhi speaks the truth.

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