AP cm YS Jaganmohan reddy is working tirelessly to bring ycp to power once again in the state. Information is being received that jagan will file nomination from pulivendula assembly seat on 25th of this month. On the 24th of this month, jagan will go directly to Pulivendu after completing the bus trip to srikakulam and hand over the nomination papers to the election officials.
Jagan, who won the 2019 election with a majority of 90 thousand 110 votes, is expected to win from pulivendula with an even greater majority in this election. Compared to the majority in 2014 elections, jagan got more majority in 2019 elections. But some districts have become a challenge for jagan in this election. The comments indicate that it will not be easy for jagan to win in the joint east godavari and joint west godavari districts along with joint nellore and joint krishna districts.
The people of Godavari are of the opinion that the jagan government has acted negligently in the matter of roads, but no development has taken place during the five years of YCP's rule, despite benefiting from welfare schemes. Locals say that jagan has failed in providing jobs to the unemployed. rtc drivers say public reaction is against the government.
The employees of rtc feel that they are facing a lot of difficulties as they are saying that even if the rtc is merged with the government, the concessions and facilities will not be applicable. Pro-YCP voters are also commenting that they are facing difficulties due to increased electricity charges. Voters expect that the alliance will come to power in the state this time. jagan has to take careful steps keeping in mind the change coming in the people. If the election is defeated, the ycp will have to be limited to the opposition for five years.

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