Pawan kalyan is now fully focused on the andhra pradesh assembly elections which will be held in a few days. This time, Jana Sena will go to the polls along with telugu Desam and nda parties. As part of the alliance, the Jana Sena party got seats only in some areas. With that, those who did not expect ticket from this party are expressing anger. Those who did not get seats are queuing up to join the ycp party. Many leaders including Potina Mahesh, Manukrant reddy, Pitani balakrishna and Pamula Rajeshwari have said goodbye to the party.

It seems that others also want to follow their path. It is reported that now Pawan is also trying to appease those who hope for a seat and will not get high positions. Everyone thought that Pawan, who is currently busy with the andhra pradesh assembly elections, does not really care about the telangana elections. But suddenly, it seems that Jana Sena is going to party in the telangana lok sabha elections to be held in a few days.

For that, Pawan has also formed a coordination committee for the parliament elections in Telangana. Bongunuri Mahender reddy will be the coordinator and shankar Goud, Rajalingam, Ponnuri Sirisha, Premkumar and Mulukuntla Sagar will be its members. In the last assembly elections, Jana Sena contested in telangana state as part of bjp alliance. As part of the alliance, the Jana Sena candidates who entered the fray from seven assembly constituencies did not make an impact anywhere.

Everyone thought that Pawan was focusing on the telangana lok sabha elections. Suddenly, it seems that the janasena chief wants to participate in the telangana assembly elections as well. But till now the Jana Sena party has not announced candidates for 17 lok sabha seats and not even a single constituency. There are only five days left for the nomination process. At this time there was widespread interest in arranging this meeting. It remains to be seen whether the janasena will enter the contest directly this time or in alliance with other parties like in the past.

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