Elections are around the corner which means many organizations are conducting surveys. people don't pay much attention to some of those surveys. But some surveys are given a special place. The main reason for giving that is because the surveys done by those organizations in the past have been successful, but people are also waiting for the surveys from those organizations. And telugu people also trust surveys before elections. Most of the things said in these surveys are true, but sometimes they fall flat in this survey.

Naganna survey is one of the well-recognized surveying firms in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He has conducted surveys for many elections in the past. Most of the surveys have achieved good success. His surveys failed once or twice. We know that assembly elections will be held in the state of andhra pradesh in a few days. For this Naganna conducted a large scale survey.

The relevant data has been released recently. Especially the one thing that everyone wants is who will be the next cm of andhra pradesh state..? Naganna's survey also gave clear information on that. When it comes to who would like to be the cm of andhra pradesh state, 51.24% people said that Jaganmohan reddy would be the cm, 37.12% for Chandrababu Naidu, 6.08% for Pawan Kalyan, 1.84% for Sharmila, 1.07% for Lokesh, and 2.66% for others. people want.

According to these calculations, Naganna's survey has clearly said that jagan will be the next cm of Andhra Pradesh. The thing here is that everyone thought that the people would stand more in favor of an alliance of three parties contesting together than the ycp contesting alone. But the survey declared that jagan is CM.

The main reasons for this are... TDP, Jana Sena and bjp lost some of the seats they had to win as part of the alliance. Also, many people who did not get seats are joining ycp party... and some are contesting like rebels. Due to many reasons, it seems that the alliance's influence has decreased and the ycp craze has increased. It seems that people are not on the side of the alliance but on the side of ycp due to many reasons like this. And to know to what extent the survey will be successful, we have to wait till the result day.

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