West Godavari is also one of the strongest constituencies of telugu Desam Party. But in the last election, despite YCP's presence, telugu desam party won very easily and got victory there. But now the situation is not so easy. The situation has completely changed in Undi. Observers say that because of the growing dissatisfaction in the telugu desam party and the decisions taken by the party leader, chandra babu Naidu, there is sure to be trouble in the constituency this time.

Sitting mla Manthena ramaraju from telugu desam party is expected to get ticket. Similarly, Sivaramaraj who won in the year 2014 also expected the ticket. Apart from these two, chandrababu naidu has now decided to allocate it to BJP. In fact, Mantena Ramaraj got the ticket in the first list. They wanted to give this seat to Raghurama. But, as Raghurama was fighting for the mp seat, chandrababu naidu was ready to stay and give it to BJP. Due to this, telugu desam party leaders are entering the field as rebels in the constituency.

Former mla, Sivaramaraj, who contested from narasapuram on behalf of telugu desam party and suffered defeat, is now running around holding nomination as a rebel. Sitting mla Mantena ramaraju is also ready to become a rebel. He made public comments that if he does not give the party because he has a ticket, he knows his situation. telugu Desam Party's chandrababu naidu has calculated that if he gives it to bjp instead of both of them, there will be no conflict. But, observers say that if the bjp is brought to the winning position... in the end... the telugu desam party will suffer a severe loss. Let's see what they will do.

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