Kailash Vijayvargiya made allegations on Congress…

The first phase of voting in madhya pradesh is to be held on april 19. Seeing the voting dates approaching, while the political parties are alert, the administrative team is also fully prepared. In Chhindwara, the FST team seized Rs 5 lakh and election material from the car of a congress leader during vehicle checking. After this incident, the bjp has taken a dig at Congress. Urban Administration minister Kailash Vijayvargiya has accused congress of distributing money and liquor during the elections. politics is at its peak in Bisapur after cash was recovered from the vehicle of a congress leader.

Nakulnath is already scared

Vijayvargiya said that Nakulnath ji was nervous. Bharatiya Janata Party's storm is blowing. To stop this storm, they have now resorted to the currency system. Somewhere they are distributing utensils, somewhere they are distributing liquor. Despite this, his defeat is certain.

Money was sent to give to congress leaders

Chhindwara SDM has seized lakhs of rupees from the congress leader. It is being said that this money was sent to reach the local congress leaders, but before this could happen, the congress leader was caught red-handed by the administrative officials. The name of the congress leader is being told as Girish Sahu.

Three people were accused

In fact, during checking in Chhindwara, the FST team seized Rs 5 lakh in cash and congress propaganda material from the vehicle of congress leader Girish Sahu and accused three people.

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