Pandit Dhirendra Shastri appealed to the people to vote...

Dhirendra krishna Shastri, the head of Bageshwar Dham, reached Panna in madhya pradesh on friday (April 12). As soon as the devotees got the news of Bageshwar Dham's head Dhirendra krishna Shastri reaching Panna, thousands of people reached from Mohan Niwas intersection to gandhi Chowk. people even stood on their rooftops to get a glimpse of Dhirendra Shastri. When Dhirendra krishna Shastri, the head of Bageshwar Dham, reached Panna, people welcomed him enthusiastically with flower garlands. First of all, Jugal Kishore, the head of Bageshwar Dham, reached the temple for darshan. After that, he worshiped the seated statue of Ramlala at the local gandhi Chowk.

'Politics runs through religion, not religion through politics'

After offering prayers, the head of Bageshwar Dham, Dhirendra krishna Shastri also gave his message to the people. While interacting with the media, he said that Panna is amazing in itself. The culture and religion here are famous throughout the country. However, amid the election environment, he said that politics is driven by religion, not a religion by politics, hence politics is separate and religion is separate. He appealed that a maximum number of people should vote. He requested people to vote in the national interest.

Only ram devotee will rule the country - Dhirendra Shastri

Dhirendra krishna Shastri said one thing in his gestures only the one who is a devotee of ram will rule the country. Along with this, he said that he wants to make Panna a de-addiction center and for this, he will also organize a big Katha in Panna in the coming time. However, after staying for 2 hours, Bageshwar left from Dham Panna. people had reached the local gandhi Chowk in large numbers to get the darshan of Dhirendra Shastri, popularly known as Bageshwar Baba. people heard the message of Bageshwar Dham here.

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