The political arena in vijayawada is witnessing an unprecedented clash as siblings Keshineni nani and Chinni vie for the seat of the Bejwada parliament from opposing parties, heating the political landscape with their accusations and rivalry. Keshineni nani, known for his straightforward nature and commitment to serving the people, embarked on his political journey with the prajarajyam party in 2009.

He went on to win the vijayawada parliament seat in the 2014 elections and retained it in 2019, despite facing challenges. However, differences emerged between him and the tdp leadership, particularly with youth leader Lokesh, leading to a rift within the party. local tdp leaders opposed nani, and his daughter Shweta's mayoral candidacy faced resistance from some factions within the party during the corporation elections, resulting in setbacks for the TDP.

Taking advantage of the discord within the tdp, Nani's younger brother, Keshineni Shivanath (Chinni), entered the political arena under a different banner. With the possibility of tdp nominating Chinni for the mp seat, nani decided to contest from the YCP, setting the stage for an intense battle between the brothers for the Bejwada parliament seat.

The rivalry between the two siblings is not merely a political contest but a familial confrontation with significant implications for vijayawada politics. The outcome of this showdown remains uncertain, with speculation rife about who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes battle.

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