The complaint filed by Citizens for Democracy against andhra pradesh volunteers has further intensified the election dynamics in the region. Following the election Commission's decision to exclude volunteers from pension distribution due to the organization's complaint, Nimmagadda Ramesh, representing Citizens for Democracy, has lodged another complaint with the election commission observers regarding the activities of recently resigned volunteers.

The repercussions of this development are eagerly awaited, as it seems that election politics in andhra pradesh is increasingly revolving around the role of volunteers. Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar and LV Subrahmanyam, representing Citizens for Democracy, have urged Central election Observer Ramamohan Mishra to ensure that even resigned volunteers do not serve as polling agents during the elections. 

They argue that allowing resigned volunteers to act as polling agents could potentially influence voters, thus necessitating attention from the election Commission. The issue has sparked widespread discussion, with concerns raised about the involvement of resigned volunteers in the electoral process. Additionally, accusations have been levelled against ycp leaders, alleging that they are orchestrating a drama orchestrated by Chandrababu Naidu.

 Amidst these developments, it has been clarified that government advisors, being recipients of public funds, fall under the jurisdiction of the election Commission. Moreover, it has been revealed that salary earners are prohibited from engaging in political discussions during elections, with any employee found violating this directive facing suspension from duty.

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