As the date of polling in andhra pradesh is nearing, many types of surveys are going on in the last few days. At present, the surveys at the national level of the state also seem to focus more on the andhra pradesh elections. But since yesterday, the Naganna survey has once again created a stir in Andhra. So far, many polling houses are also leaning towards the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party on the matter of which party will win the assembly Lok Sabha elections. But now Naganna Sarve also says that ycp party will win.

But in the survey, out of 175 seats, YSRCP will win 103 seats and tdp will win 39 seats. In the remaining 33 seats, it has been revealed that there will be a close contest between YSRCP and Kotami. But the alliance party is turning this survey. The latest Naganna survey reveals that the percentage of the tdp party according to social groups.


1).Bc -46.59%
2).chirstian -41.45%
3).muslim -41.24%
4).Oc -51.82%
5).sc -43.63%
6). st -45.43%


1).Bc -52.28%
2).chirstian -57.26%
3).muslim -56.42%
4).Oc -47.17%
5).sc -55.83%
6). st -52.44%

And the rest of the congress party has only 1.92 percent in total.. If you look at the cast-wise percentage between tdp and ycp party, only those who belong to OC vote the most for TDP. Castes of all the remaining sections are voting for ycp party with almost more than 50 percent. This vote bank seems to be a plus for the ycp party. But it can be said that this is only a percentage given by caste. It seems that the welfare schemes undertaken by ycp are the reason why other castes, except OC, have favored YCP.

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