Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan, determined to reinvigorate his political career in andhra pradesh, faces a crucial test after his setback in the 2019 assembly elections. Despite the bitter experience, Pawan is undeterred, aiming to seize victory this time around and oust the ruling ycp government. However, the Janasena-BJP alliance agreement limits the party's participation to just two parliamentary seats out of 22 assembly seats. 

Despite this constraint, Pawan is forging ahead cautiously, focusing on securing a foothold in the assembly and revitalizing his political influence. The current wave of enthusiasm surrounding Pawan suggests a promising outcome, with anticipation that he may secure a seat in the Assembly. However, political analysts remain uncertain about the overall success of janasena candidates in the elections. Pawan's decision to temporarily suspend his film career underscores his commitment to the electoral battle ahead, signalling his dedication to the political arena.

In a surprising turn of events, Janasena's foray into telangana politics has garnered attention, with plans to contest in the upcoming lok sabha elections. The formation of a coordination committee for telangana elections indicates Janasena's serious intent to compete, despite not announcing any candidates thus far. As part of the nda alliance, Janasena's participation adds a new dimension to Telangana's political landscape.

However, some observers express concern over Janasena's focus shifting away from its stronghold in andhra pradesh towards Telangana. With Pawan's attention seemingly divided, questions arise about the party's strategy and its ability to maintain relevance in both states simultaneously. As the elections draw near, the outcome will reveal the impact of Janasena's electoral ambitions in both andhra pradesh and Telangana.

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