Tension during YS Sharmila's visit. ycp ranks blocked…

AP congress chief YS sharmila is rushing in the andhra pradesh election campaign. As he entered the fray from the kadapa lok sabha seat, he focused more on that constituency. He is visiting the people while touring the kadapa lok sabha constituency. Sharmila's visit has become an embarrassment to the ruling ycp leaders. When sharmila reached Lingala Mandal on Friday, they tried to stop her. They tried to stop Sharmila's visit. Immediately alerted the police dispersed them. Come after the rioters. Let's put a panchayat on the flower beds. sharmila asks to find out who killed Viveka.

Sharmila blamed the behavior of the ycp ranks. ycp is afraid of defeat in the assembly and lok sabha elections. avinash Reddy, who contested from the kadapa lok sabha seat, is afraid of defeat. He is obstructing his trip. congress party flags are being removed. Jagan's younger sister was once a child. Those who killed baba were kept aside. sharmila was angry that they gave the ticket again.

'Avinash reddy is not angry so far. cbi has found avinash Reddy to be the murderer in Viveka's murder case. The evidence is out. A large-scale transaction was carried out for the murder. jagan is protecting avinash Reddy. jagan stood by the killers. That is why he entered the ring as kadapa MP. YS sharmila made it clear that justice and righteousness are on one side, and injustice and murderers are on the other side.

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